Further Developments in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, 1980s-2010s

Further Developments in Interpersonal Psychoanalysis, 1980s-2010s is the second collection of selected classic articles of the modern era by psychoanalysts identified with the interpersonal perspective. The first, The Interpersonal Perspective in Psychoanalysis, 1960s-1990s presented articles by second and third generation interpersonalists. This book contains those written by the third and fourth generation of interpersonal psychoan...

Messengers of Sex: Hormones, Biomedicine and Feminism

Since the early twentieth century, hormones have commonly been understood as 'messengers of sex'. They are seen as essential to the development and functioning of healthy reproductive male and female bodies; millions take them as medications in the treatment of fertility, infertility and ageing. However, in contemporary society, hormones are both disturbed and disturbing; invading our environments and bodies through plastics, food an...

Intimate Relationships

Intimate Relationships, 3rd editon, by Sharon S. Brehm, Rowland S. Miller, Daniel Perlman, and Susan Campbell preserves the personal appeal of the subject matter and vigorous standards of scholarship that made the earlier editions so successful. Written in a unified voice, this text builds on the reader-friendly tone that was established in the first two editions. It presents the key findings on intimate relationships, the major theo...

The Making and Meaning of Relationships in Sri Lanka

This book proposes that romantic relationships―filtered through various socio-cultural sieves―can lead to the development of affective kin bonds, which underlie our sense of personhood and belonging. Sirisena argues that the process resembles an attempt to make strangers into kin, and that sort of affective relating is a form of self-conscious relationality, in which the inhabitants reflect on their individual and collective needs, a...

Et si je croyais en mon pouvoir de séduction

« Je ne suis pas assez ceci », « Je suis trop cela »… Nos expériences passées, des mots, des remarques ont peut-être laissé des traces et ont entaché notre conviction que nous pouvions, comme n'importe qui, plaire et séduire. Grâce à des outils de coaching, PNL et EFT, cet ouvrage vous propose de reprendre confiance en vous et de vous reconnecter à votre capital séduction. Grace à de nombreux exercices vous débusquerez certaines croy...

On Strawberry Hill

While not a biography of legendary American forester and conservationist Gifford Pinchot, On Strawberry Hill: The Transcendent Love of Gifford Pinchot and Laura Houghteling explores a vital and transformative facet of his personal life that, until now, has remained relatively unknown.? At its core, Paula Ivaska Robbins’s On Strawberry Hill: The Transcendent Love of Gifford Pinchot and Laura Houghteling is a human interest story that ...

Trans Dilemmas

Trans Dilemmas presents the findings of a three-year research project which examined the lived experiences of trans people in Australia’s Northern Territory. The book argues that whilst trans people, who live in remote areas, experience issues which may not be distinct from those living in urban areas and the inner-city, these issues can be aggravated by geographic and demographic factors. By conducting online surveys and in-depth in...

Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal

Learn sensual touch for improved intimacy and better sex! New in paperback, Erotic Massage shows how to bring your partner to high levels of arousal, keeping him or her in this state of sexual exaltation for an extended period. This beautifully illustrated book provides erotic massage techniques for both men and women and breaks down these massage methods step-by-step. You'll find suggestions for the appropriate setting, lubrication,...

Cross-National Public Opinion about Homosexuality

Public opinion about homosexuality varies substantially around the world. While residents in some nations have embraced gay rights as human rights, people in many other countries find homosexuality unacceptable. What creates such big differences in attitudes? This book shows that cross-national differences in opinion can be explained by the strength of democratic institutions, the level of economic development, and the religious cont...

Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes

This volume reviews and critically assesses the state of the emerging evidence about e-cigarettes and health. This book makes recommendations for the improvement of this research and highlights gaps that are a priority for future research. Millions of Americans use e-cigarettes. Despite their popularity, little is known about their health effects. Some suggest that e-cigarettes likely confer lower risk compared to combustible tobacco...